DUPONT-Ultrafiltration Modules



DUPONT Ultrafiltration (UF) modules, based on proven PVDF ‘outside-in’ fibre technology, offer high cleanability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance, setting the standard for Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment, drinking water production, and wastewater treatment.

The SFP/SFD series offers customers a proven product with a long list of installations world-wide. The IntegraPac series provides customers with an improved solution that is ready to be assembled. The DUPONT IntegraFlo modules, ultra-large surface area products, are the latest answer to the industry’s continuous need to lower water costs.


DOW Ultrafiltration products — SFP/SFD series

  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFP-2660XP
  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFD-2660XP


  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFP-2860XP
  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFD-2860XP
  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFP-2880XP
  • DUPONT Ultrafiltration SFD-2880XP


DUPONT Ultrafiltration products — IntegraPac™ series

  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IP-51XP
  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IP-77XP
  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IPD-51XP
  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IPD-77XP


  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IP-51XP Skid
  • DUPONT IntegraPac™ IP-77XP Skid


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  • MEMCOR® CPII Ultrafiltration System
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